Fig equity models are broadly diversified total market portfolios of over ten thousand world stocks tilted toward factors that have over time driven higher market returns. Some factors that we focus on are value, company size, earnings quality, and in some cases momentum.  We shape our equity portfolio models to favor deep value with lower price to book and price to earnings ratios than the S&P, while reducing volatility through thousands of holdings. Fig models also invest in smaller size companies with greater potential return. We have recently introduced new portfolio models focusing on highly profitable companies and momentum as well. 


Fig bond models range from low-volatility low yield government treasuries to a unique high yield municipal and corporate closed-end fund strategy. Fig bond models can be used to complement our factor driven equity portfolios while working to provide strong income and potential for long term total return. Our municipal bond models are broadly diversified across 1,000 or more general obligation and revenue bonds of dozens of states – reducing volatility, and with the goal of producing average annual yields of more than 4.5% federally tax exempt and more than 7% with our corporate bond model.